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Tough Times Call for more CSR

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10 Integrative Questions


PARTNER: ARRIOLA, Ma. Antoinette


1. What do they need to do to manage the budget of CSR effectively?


Corporate foundations need to be creative in their management of resources.


2. What do foundations do before the global financial crisis hit?


Foundations have been implementing projects that link to their respective companies’ business chain.


3. What is the effect of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to Jollibee Food Corporation?


Jollibee Foundation helps improve the access of deserving high school student to post-secondary education, training and employment in courses related to JCF businesses leading to eventual employment at JFC and other establishments.

It also assists small farmers develops their capability to grow and become potential suppliers of some raw material requirements of JFC.


4. What is the effect of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to Splash Foundation?


Splash provides comprehensive livelihood courses and skills training on cosmetology.


5. What does Team Energy Foundation does?


Team Energy Foundation provides electricity to far-flung areas in the country.


6. How does Figaro Foundation strengthen the local coffee industry?


Figaro Foundation assists the communities and sectors that derive sustenance from coffee farming.


7. What campaign does Figaro Foundation establish and its content?


It is the “Wild About Organic” campaign that provides selected communities training on organic farming methods.


8. How does the Meralco Millenium Foundation serves its purpose or campaign “share the light”?


It is done via the electrification of Philippine public schools and depressed communities.

9. What does UCPB-CIF does aside from catering scholarship for children of coconut farmers?


UCPB-CIF implements programs aimed at uplifting the quality of life of small coconut farmers and enhance the development of the coconut industry as a whole.


10. What does LCF does in these times of crisis and difficulties?


LCF encourages its other members to implement similar programs to mitigate costs, encourage its principal companies to continue funding CSR since the projects will form part of the business strategy.

It also wants the CSR community to continue serving the underprivileged sectors, particularly those in the countryside.


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