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Coding Horror

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10 Integrative Questions



1.       What is swoopo.com?

      Swoopo.com is an auction hybrid site previously known as telebid.com which is a combination of eBay, woot and slot machine.  

2.       How the bidding process does takes place in swoopo.com?

In swoopo.com the client purchase bids in pre-packaged blocks of at least 30. Each bid costs the client 75 cents, with no volume discount. Each bid raises the purchase price by 15 cents and increases the auction time by 15 seconds. Once the auction ends, the client pay the final price.

3.       Why is it bidding a lot is a bad idea?

Bidding a lot is a bad idea because if you bid too many times on an item -- or if you use the site's "helpful" automated BidButler service -- you'll end up paying the purchase price in bids alone.

4.       What can be a plan for bidding in the swoopo.com which can eventually deal with its disadvantage?

We only bid one time, or a few times, and near the end of the auction.

5.       What is the exception in the plan of bidding fewer times or at the near end of the auction?

The auction is extended 15 seconds each and every time someone bids in those final seconds.

6. What is the usual problem for auction sites?

There are absolute end dates for the auctions, but they're usually so far in the future that the auction will end through attrition long before they reach their end date. The most optimistic person sets the price for everyone else.

7. How does an exploit of human nature occur in this scenario?

Once you've bid on something a few times, you now have a vested financial interest in that product, a product someone else could end up winning, rendering your investment moot.

8. What is the result of occurrence an exploit of human nature in this scenario?

It resulted to irrational decision making or endowment effect.

9. How does irrational decision making occur?

Irrational decision making occur when a people instead of doing the rational thing and walking away from a bad investment, you pour more money in, sending good money after bad.

10. Why it isn’t clear that Swoopo even has the items they auction?

Swoopo appear to sell first, then use the money they gain from the completed auction to buy and ship the item.


1. If you were asked to program this example, would you do it? Why?

If I were asked to program this example I would rather not do it because in my opinion fooling someone because of your intelligence or skills is not really a good idea. I think it is immoral even tough I do not hear any constitutional article written for this kind of issue. But in my own perspective, it is better apply your knowledge in the business process of a company that will benefits the society not as a benefit to company that will result for profit making only.

As I remembered, establishing a business has reasons and there are the profit making and another is contributing something beneficial to the society. I will not accept this project because I think it is wrong to apply my knowledge just for the sake of profit making and the other reason for business is disregarded.

2. Is it right to program this example? Why?

In my own perspective, programming this kind of software similar in this scenario is a wrong idea. As far as my concern, I think professionals such as analyst, software developers or programmers are indeed the answer in catering to the different business solution to companies but in this perspective it does not really cater the solution for the need of the company but as I think or see in this scenario company has requested to have this in order for profit making only.

As I have said in the previous question, making business is not only in profit making but also for contributing a benefit not only for the company but also to the society as well.



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