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Christian Nation

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What is a Christian Nation?

-               There are some countries who are Christian Nation even before. These are distinct areas of earths that are going to manifest his kingdom. It does not require all people to be considered as Christian Nation, it can just consist of people who are embraced with same theology. It is a nation who confesses Christ as their Lord and their declarations indeed. It also they presumable to their laws, people who held to covenant they undertake.

-             A nation having consistency, used a Bible to consent in creating law to govern or be source of their law, judged in their life over generation continuously through the attitude, behavior and moral which can be seen from the three generation from now on. It is govern with a God  as the only God, the things are given by God.


10 Integrative Questions:

1.       Who gave the Lord’s Prayer to his disciples?

2.       What are the challenges to be a Christian Nation?

3.       What are the things that God can do and cannot do?

4.       What is the problem of every nation?

5.       How do people define God normally?

6.       How can you say you know your God?

7.       What is a Christian?

8.       What does a Christian needs to do to prove that he is in a Christian Nation?

9.       Why is USA cot considered as a Christian Nation?

10.   Who is Paul Jehle?


Is the Philippines considered as a Christian Nation?


Philippines is a Christian Nation. The country possess the different characteristics as a Christian Nation which is a factor for recognizing as a Christian Nation. In the Listening Exercise, Jehle said that if you are going to evaluate a country to be consider as a Christian Nation they have to possess the following:

-                    - Before any other religion, an existing religion is present.

o   In the case of the Philippines, in the earlier era there arre different religions that exist which make people of the Philippines, Filipino, more religious and many beliefs.

-                    - The law are created govern by the Bible

o   The Philippine law is govern by the Bible which is seen by the influence of the Church in the government especially in the different scenarios that are encountered in the society like the political issues such as corruption and public concern.







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